Empowering Women

female-footballerIn as much as most soccer players are dominantly male, women also come into the picture to showcase their talent to the whole world so they can be appreciated too as well. Women teams are all over the world in virtually all countries including, The United States of America, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Japan and Ghana. Most female players elicit positive reactions from their viewers, male and female alike. In fact, the fans admire the female footballers, considering them as role models. They, therefore, ascribe a lot of value to them.

This admiration for female footballers promotes gender equality and elevates the status of women globally. Evidently, in the United States of America, findings provide that the television audience for matches is 66% comprising both male and female personalities. Once this happens, it does a great deal to reduce the discriminatory gestures in the global domain against women, ushering in a new and progressive era.